About Us


Terroir Selections is a boutique-focused, statewide family owned Florida distributor & importer. Our philosophy is based on working with Responsible Farmers(Biodynamic, Organic, and Sustainable) as well as family owned estates. We ship everything in temperature controlled, and refrigerated logistics. Our warehouse is kept very cool at 64 degrees as our belief is to keep the wines as close as possible to their natural state in the cellar. We are honored to represent some finest family-owned Domaines from throughout the world with a heavy focus in wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux Italy, South America, California, Chile, Oregon, Washington, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Champagne. We have over 30 producers from Burgundy with iconic names like Marc Colin, Guy Amiot, Chateau de la Maltroye, Domaine Fontaine Gagnard, and Meo Camuzet, Domaine Lamarche, Clos de Tart, Domaine Stephane-Magnien, and many more…. ¬†From Italy we are proud to represent Marc DeGrazia Selections with some of the top Producers such asDei, Bortolotti, Gini, Renato Corino, Paolo Conterno, Mario Marengo, and Ucceliera , Marco DeGrazia’s Le Vigna di Eli in Etna, and many more…. Our growing California portfolio includes such names as Martinelli, Liparita, Radio Coteau, Anderson’s Conn Valley, Chateau Potelle and several more. We have 10 producers from Champagne- most of them grower producers- each of them bottling far less than 100,000 bottles per year. We represent the highly sought after producers: Lallier, Marguet, and Georges Laval, and Paul Clouet. We are proud to have the best truly grower-focused portfolio like no one else in Florida. Terroir Selections is also a Direct Import Company which we are consistently developing to bring in Fine Wine Estates from around the world. With our growth we are consistently striving to provide the best possible service to our clients and supplier partners. Thank-you for for being a part of the Terroir Selections family!